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The National Ice Fishing Association is dedicated to bringing tournament ice fishing, leagues and groups of ice fishing enthusiasts together to provide them the best sources of information, tips and tactics to improve their time on the ice.

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Your Ice Fishing: We have found the best of the best ice fishing gear for you. It's the leading edge real deal. Be the first in your group to show them how it's done. Don't wait on these like you did on the Vexilar FL-8 or MarCum LX5s.
Ice Fishing Gear to discover what is leading the ice fishing field.

Ice Fishing Tactics: Learn the controls and structure used for different species of fish in iced over lakes. This helps you with location and presentation that put you on and catch fish. Discover the "Ice Leaders" information you need, what to use, where to use it, and how to use it.
Ice Fishing Tactics for tactics.

Tackle: New and innovative ice fishing tackle will include, lures, jigs, Thorne Bros rods, reels, line, tip-ups, bobbers, spring bobbers, rod holders, and other ice fishing accessories used to catch fish.
Ice Fishing Tackle for tackle.

Electronics:Prices are coming down and the technologies are improving. Some have started revamping their entire line to provide a superior ice fishing product in the future. Check out MarCum fish locators, underwater viewers, and Lowrance GPS units here.
Ice Fishing Electronics for electronics.

Augers: Better fuel efficiency, easier drilling, and lighter weight packages are starting to come out now. If you want to learn about Nile Master power augers that help you become more mobile information will be provided here.
Ice Fishing Augers for Strekemaster and Jiffy augers.

Shelter: From large luxury units to small one man portables, they are all becoming more mobile. Moving to find fish is a necessity and many manufacturers have heard the call.
Ice Fishing Shelters for Otter, Clam or Frabill shelter.

Clothing: Space age insultex insulation technology is coming. Layering is still one of the best options, yet soon we may be able to discard the extra weight and still stay warm in sub-zero temperatures. Again easy mobility is the key.
Ice Fishing Clothing for clothing.

Bait: Good old fashioned lively bait is still a key. Yet advances in texture, scent, and taste may make them less necessary. Are you willing to experiment with waxies, eurolarva, mousies and minnows?
Ice Fishing Bait for bait.

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